Warehouse Weekend: Art

Bates Mill, Colne Road, Huddersfield, HD1 3AG, UK

Friday 1st October 2010, 9pm til late
Satudary 2nd October 2010, 12noon til late


Participating Artists: Rachael Allen, Amanda Blake, Alice Bradshaw, Andi Chapple, The Den Experiment, Helen Grundy, Laura Harrison, Debi Holbrook, Christine Hurford, Yan Laundy, Milk, Two Sugars, Bob Milner, Janie Nicoll, Victoria Smith, Tenneson & Dale, West Yorkshire Print Workshop

PLUS Beermat Show featuring 1000+ artists

Curated by Alice Bradshaw & Bob Milner

Contact: aliceandbobcurate

Also as part of Warehouse Weekend:
Fresh Kids presents: live art & graffiti plus music by The Whiteboys + Boy Oliver + DJ Heritage + Ball Zee
• Film screenings and Film 1.5 curated by Vanessa Haley featuring: Julius Amedume, Kate Corbin, Becky Elliot, Mihai Greku, Natalie Gutgesell, Vanessa Haley, Adrian Larkin, Pui Lee, Lefty, Bob Lorrimer, Tabitha Price, Ian MacTilstra, Pete Middleton, Karl Nebe, Georgie Park, Dan Wagstaffe, Tom Walker, Zane Whittingham
• Theatre Showcase curated by Threadneedle Theatre: Mind Barnsley, Natalie Bellingham, Kaylie Joy Black, John Dorr and Charmaine Cooke, Fourplay, Rachael Halliwell, Gavin Leonard, Adam Robinson, Hannah Sabai, Threadneedle Theatre, Gemma Lise Thornton and Malika Eisenhut
• Live music by Ruby & Noah, John Hills, Leo Brazil and His Twitch, Steve Brierley & Ben Marron
• Beer Festival & Concept Bar


Alice Facebook Album: Warehouse Weekend

Iman Moradi's Flickr photostream: Bates Mill Warehouse Weekend

Cut Click's Flickr photostream: Warehouse Weekend Art

Rachael Allen - Unnamed Daughters

The intimate juxtaposition of birth and mortality resides in Unnamed Daughters; a sentimental vehicle that nourishes the lived experience of childbirth, inseparable from the thoughts, feelings and associations anchored by the object. This dolls pram coffin communicates tender visions of the physical and psychological conditions of childbirth, where the present absence of the mother and her neonate mirrors the innately volatile nature of maternal nurture. Like with all Allen's work, Unnamed daughters speaks about our irreversible, inevitable journey from "the cradle to the grave" and provides a platform for the projection of ones own authentic experience of true life.


Amanda Blake - Displaced II

My practice involves a contemporary re-working of the traditional technique of fresco to explore the viewers' engagement with space and materiality. In particular I am interested in the contemplation provoked by tensions between surface and depth, and the issues of sustainability involved in a materials based practice.

Displaced, is a development of recent work that focuses on the creation of an object using natural raw materials, resulting in the consequent displacement of these materials from elsewhere and the wider environmental issues this raises.

Alice Bradshaw - Odd Socks

Alice Bradshaw works with a wide range of media and processes involving the manipulation of everyday objects and materials. Mass-produced, anonymous objects are often rendered dysfunctional caricatures of themselves, addressing concepts of purpose and futility. Alice creates or accentuates subtleties, blurring distinctions between the absurd and the mundane, with the notion that the environment the work exists in becomes integral to the work itself.


Andi Chapple - Soundwalking the Festival

Hearing is easy. Listening is hard. The soundwalk is one of a number of simple practices developed in the field of acoustic ecology over the last thirty years. You might find yourself by canals, listening to the play of traffic and the lapping of water, or passing through gallery spaces seeing what you can make of the art on display by listening to the room's reverberance and other people's discussions. You might even find yourself on a research trip with map and clipboard. Listening is hard, but the world rewards the effort.

Andi Chapple has been leading soundwalks for a number of years, mostly in the countryside around his home. He is a sound artist, composer, musician and graphic designer. His current projects range from large-format screen prints to research into time-lapse field recordings via working with bell ringers and Latin percussionists in his group Andi Chapple and Musicians.


The Den Experiment - Den No: 000623

The Den Experiment is an art group based on the concept of (collective) experience over the form and function of our structures and happenings drawing comparisons with architecture and its language. The audience becomes the artist by taking part in the construction with the activity of den building becoming an essential part of play to create a new art network that can be understood and enjoyed by everyone.


Helen Grundy - Homage to Jaws (1975) in Fuzzy Felts

Twenty keys scenes from the classic Steven Spielberg film Jaws are captured using vintage Fuzzy Felt kits, creating a child like, unsophisticated version of the movie. Horror film meets childhood innocence, light versus dark played out in wool felt.


Laura Harrison - Minehead

My work currently focuses on exploring specific fragments from my life. Moments in time and the thoughts that occur during these brief moments. Little thoughts that may or may not prove to alter my life. Although the work is autobiographic by nature, though-out the working process I aim to explore how my thoughts can relate to a wider audience. I am extremely conscious of the importance of audience and the context that art is exhibited.

Debi Holbrook - Door 3

In this work the human condition is transposed with inanimate object to reflect the effects of emotional break down. How much can you take from a door before it stops being a door or functions as one, and yet, is still a door. The result is an irreducible presence. The liminal nature of the door was important as it further implies another threshold, but the threshold between what? Sanity/insanity, life/death?

Christine Hurford - Remembering 409

We brush to one side, we kill without a second thought, a line of dead and dying insects form a line. The weakest suffer, it is the poorest that fall, brushed to one side. Installations outdoors - often for just a few hours - form part of my work. This piece, started high above Stonethwaite - in a lonely place, not on any footpath - has now come down to a busier place. It makes no difference.

Yan Laundy - Born Free

In general, I enjoy hands on experience using a variety of materials and methods as well as experimenting with new choices. Using my variety of interests, I try to express emotions and reactions that arise from contact with surroundings that are familiar to me and to use these same surroundings as raw material for my works. Also I try to find my own interpretation through my personal experience and observation.

Some of my work's subject matter is related to my femininity and my domestic environment; however, my works are not based on one theme or subject matter or feminist discourse. I respect difference and differences and try to find the common ground between differences; gender, culture, and social or political categorization.

Milk, Two Sugars

Bob Milner and Tom Senior have worked together since 2006 as Milk, Two Sugars. In that time they have exhibited internationally, producing over twenty editions of their irrelevant publication. Milk, Two Sugars make films, write stuff about stuff, run gallery projects, build small cinemas, paint pictures, make sculpture and listen to golden oldies on a small radio.


Bob Milner

Bob Milner was born in Yorkshire to indifferent parents. Raised on a visual diet of comic books, sit-coms and flocked wallpaper, it was clear from early on that success in his chosen field would be difficult. Ignoring his urge to become a history teacher at an esteemed public school, Bob ploughed all his effort into a variety of distractions most of them detrimental to his health. Seven years ago during an especially difficult bowel movement, there was a blinding wave of light which showed him the true path to isolated obscurity; a degree, to be followed by a master's degree. He lives in a bubble of hope and spends most of his time growing vegetables and reading.

Janie Nicoll

My work generally takes the form of site-specific installation using photography, often creating text based works, made from multiple digital images, that attempt to be visually engaging in a contentious or ambiguous way. I also work with collage techniques, small paintings, and sculptures that involved a process of translation. I like to use words and phrases which use cultural references such as lines from songs, allowing a variety of interpretations, creating an ironic dialogue with the viewer. These works often explore the notion of the social pariah, the vilification of youth, and the fabrication of masculine stereotypes.

I generally create works that adapt cultural references and signifiers, visually depicting contrasts in social circumstances, human interactions in urban and rural environments, social breakdown and maladjustment, disillusionment, desire and anger.


Victoria Smith

I like to hang onto things, constructing objects from what's left behind, materials created solely to preserve, contain, or support something else. I have a make-do and mend approach to making, seeing potential in the mundane and discarded and trying to make the ordinary extra-ordinary.

Tenneson & Dale - Green Paper

Our ongoing artwork, ORDER ORDER, explores the link between the Houses of Parliament (the epitome of order); the Minimalist movement (the ordered, pure art) and the various forms of public information signage (the physical manifestation of order).

Green Paper shows a section of the campaign expenditure of the campaigns of four political parties (Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat) during the 2005 General Election. This statistical information of is represented via a reformulation of Carl Andre's Equivalent series.


West Yorkshire Print Workshop - Making Your Mark

West Yorkshire Print Workshop is one of the leading printmaking facilities in the North of England, and provides opportunities for artists and the wider community to further their skills and participate in creative activity. This free session will enable visitors to try out a range of print techniques and create their own small pictures and cards. There will also be a chance to get involved in producing a large scale abstract artwork: come along and make your mark!