Temporary Art Space would like to thank all the many exhibiting artists as well as the following for their committed help & support: Beth Walton, Carol Leonard, Daniel Blamires, Dorothy Baldwin, Elizabeth Murphy, Helen Pickles, Ian Thomas, Jennifer Wydall, Jenny Parkin, June at MPIKA, Kathryn Oubridge, Lauren Iredale, Leah Mai Swain, Lois Whitehead, Matt Lawson, Merry Swarbrick, Nancy Porter, Rachael Gorton, Rachel Hawthorn, Roo Waterhouse, Sarah Blaszczok, Sofia Johnston, Steve Lilley, Thomas Mann; plus special thanks to Calderdale MBC staff, Piece Hall residents and local community. Last but not least; a huge thank you to everyone who visited the exhibitions and events at Temporary Art Space - we hope you enjoyed the project.