Changeover 27th March - 3rd April 2009: Kathryn Oubridge Neither Made Nor Unmade
Changeover Friday 24th April - Friday 1st May 2009: Sarah Farmer My Bedroom Sings in G & Anton Harding Safelight
Changeover Friday 30th May - Friday 5th June 2009: Jenny Parkin History Chairs
Changeover Friday 26th June - Friday 3rd July 2009: Storeroom Show
Changeover Friday 31st July - Friday 7th August 2009: Changeover

What could be more temporary than guerrilla exhibitions in a Temporary Art Space during the taking down of one show and the hanging of the next? Every day promises to be different with variable opening times according to the hanging schedule. The public will be able to see the inner workings of a gallery as the parasitic 'Changeover' exhibitions attempt to occupy an ever decreasing space. You could propose to use the whole space or a part of it for one hour, one day or propose a project that runs for the whole duration of 'Changeover'.

Changeover 27th June - 3rd July 2009

Storeroom Show
Curated by Sofia Johnston

Unit 33, Piece Hall, Halifax, HX1 1RE

In unsightly piles behind the 18th century windows of Unit 33, The Piece Hall, Halifax, lies the jetsam from Temporary Art Space so far. For this Changeover exhibition Sofia Johnston will draw on her considerable experience in High Street window dressing to transform these cast off bits and bats of gallery detritus into The High-End Viewing Experience of a Lifetime!

"I like to work in whatever medium or with whatever objects I come across. I'm interested in the idea of when rather than what is art - Can the bits and pieces behind the Art Space become an installation in their own right? At what point does this shift from ordinary to extraordinary take place? Lets see...."

Roll-up! Roll-up! A never to be repeated opportunity to peer in wonder at: Large double-decontextualised artworks waiting for the day we get round to hiring a van, (multiple) beer mats, (multiple) beer/wine bottles, not to mention the infamous Milk, Two Sugars cups!, pens, paper, flyers, tables, chairs, whiteboards covered with unflattering portraits of us drawn by children, shop mannequins with big mouths and 1950s hair, bunting (hooray for bunting!) Edie's talking Sportacus doll, ladders, three identical hammers, Tom's dad's power drill, pins, nails, a (never used) spirit level - every gallery should have one (and never use it) - examples of Mr Harry Edwards' amazing experiments in origami, bags and boxes, Kevin and Danny's improvised plumb-bob, life-size posters of Jordan and Rihanna showing a bit, a mouldy banana and Bob's internet connection.

Not to be missed!

Changeover 30th May - 5th June 2009

Jenny Parkin - History Chairs

"I like to make new things from old things. I find it interesting to be able to recycle something that's already had a purposeful life. An Edwardian door has done a job for a hundred years. It feels right to cut it up, sand it down and turn it into something else entirely for the next hundred. My visual world involves a sort of urban ruralism with ice cream vans and power stations, laconic cattle, buttercups and fancy teatime cakes. I like mixed media, ready-made elements like milk bottles and crockery, decoupage and collage. Look closely and you'll see jewel-like stamps from decades ago, a tax disc. Things charged with a past life, another time. Teachers' gold stars, the odd coin. I'm a bit of a magpie."

Changeover 24th April - 1st May 2009

Sarah Farmer - My Bedroom Sings in G
Anton Harding - Safelight

Sarah Farmer My Bedroom Sings in G

Music is "a purposeless play" which is "an affirmation of life - not an attempt to bring order out of chaos nor to suggest improvements in creation, but simply a way of waking up to the very life we're living" - John Cage

Sarah Farmer uses the electrical sounds of everyday objects such as fridges, TVs, computers, lamps etc alongside sounds found within the exhibition space to create sonic performances and installations. The artists interests lie in surrounding sounds - the unnoticed musical potential of our environments and what is revealed when we actually listen closely.

My Bedroom sings in G was originally a performance in which microphones on timer switches were used to rhythmically amplify the sounds of appliances that the artist encountered daily. This is a recording of the event.

Anton Harding Safelight

Anton Harding, b. London 1966, studied printing, printmaking, photography, history of art and architecture, media at London College of Printing (1984-88), film, video and photographic arts at University of Westminster (1989-92) and 16+ Education at University of Huddersfield (1997-98). Now living and practicing in Huddersfield, Anton is a member of Yorkshire Sculptors Group and Riverside Artists Group. He has been exhibiting in individual and group exhibitions since 1991.

Anton's practice has ranged from the documentary and political statement of Abolishing the Currency and Deathwish, the surreal quality of his Dreamscapes Xerograms and assemblages, to the pure play of light and exploration of perception seen in the current installation Safelight and in many of his photographs.

Changeover 27th March - 3rd April 2009

Kathryn Oubridge: Neither Made Nor Unmade

Neither Made Nor Unmade

The work explores states of transition. Whether this is a work in progress of something being put together or taken apart is unclear. The title alludes to 'Neither From Nor Towards' by the artist Cornelia Parker, whose work often addresses states of flux and change.

'Neither Made Nor Unmade' also reflects on context and meaning. The tiles come from a site-specific installation made for Holy Trinity Church in Leeds in 2008. How do we read the work now it has been uprooted from its original setting? Does it remain the same, or is it in the process of becoming something else?

Kathryn Oubridge

The artist's practice embraces many processes and is founded on the belief that art practice is a 'doing think' - that activity of the artist enhances our scope for reflection and re-evaluation. The work (which might be gallery based or be site-specific) usually involves a response to the site or situation in which it is presented. Current areas of interest are in modes of communication and the impact of the internet on our understanding of place and space.

The artist is a studio holder at East Street Arts and divides her working time between Leeds and Liverpool.