Do it yourself: art on the cheap, art created using the most immediate resources, art that involves the public in the creation. Whether you call it lo-fi, cut 'n' paste, punk or some other dubious title, it's art that is exciting, raw and not pandering to the whims of the money soaked art market. We have no money to offer but we do have free tea.

Opening: Friday 3rd July 2009, 5-8pm

Then: Thursday - Saturday 10am - 4pm and Sundays 11am - 4pm

Until: Friday 31st July 2009

Featuring zines from across the globe including:

13 Years of Good Luck, A Country Pume, A Few Empty Pages, A Few Empty Pages of Longing & Despair, A Rough Guide to Bicycle Maintenance, Applicant, Bamboozled, Banal Pig, Because We Want To, Bi Dead Thing & Soda Pressed, Bipedal, By Pedal!, Book of Stairs, Cafe Royal, Chainbreaker, Cheap Magazine, CIA Makes SciFi Unexciting, Close to the Bone, Clutter Zine, Coffeeshop Crushes, Compact Newspapers, Constant Rider Omnibus, Contents May Vary, Crikey Moses, Curbs, Decanter, Deux ou Trois Portes, Distance Makes the Heart Grow Sick, DIY Screenprinting, Doris, Dreamwhip, Dry Run, Dwelling Portably, Edible Secrets, Eighty Eight Shades of Grey, Fixing The Plumbing, Full-O-Beans, Full-O-Real, Get It, Green Zine, Half Baked, Hot Damn & Hell Yeah / The Dirty South, How and Why, I Hate This Part of Texas, I Want To Be A Circle, Icecream for Quo, In Search of Lost Taste, Indestructible, Inky Fingers, Invincible Summer, Irk, IV, Journal, Journalsong, Keep Fighting, Learning Good Consent, Leethal Zine, Lump, Mail Art One, Make A Zine!: When Words and Graphics Collide, Make Your Place Affordable; Sustainable Nesting Skills, Milk Two Sugars, Molly & Friends, Monkey Spanner, Monkeys Might Puke!, Mostly True, My Brain Hurts, My Favourite Dish Is Ninja Sushi, Notes From The Underground, On Subbing: The First Four Years, One of What Exactly?, PEEP!, Perfect Mix Tape Segue, Pest, Please Don't Feed The Bears, Pouring Action, Pow Wow, Promised Land, Pull Yourself Together, Reet!, Reggae Hit The Team Town, Return Whence You Came, Savage Messiah, Snakepit, Snazz, Sounds of Your Name, Support, The Best Intentions, The Chapbook, The Evenings Entertainment, The Meaning Of Life, Things Are Meaning Less, This Is Not The City, Time Kills, Translate, Trodden Under Foot, Trolls in the Glen, Under Maintenance, Useful Things, Vulgar Virtues, Welcome to the Dahlhouse, What If I Say The Wrong Thing. What If I Don't Say Anything At All, X-Rated Animal Hospital, Xerography Debt, Xtra Tuf, You Can Work Any 100 Hours Per Week That You Want (In Your Underwear), Zero Gravity, Zine Yearbook, Zinester's Guide to Portland

With more stuff by:

Georgia Boniface, Kevin Boniface, Alice Bradshaw, Julian Butler, Edward Cotterill, John Fawcett, Milk Two Sugars, Mikk Murray, Craig Scott, Dan Singer, Sally Taylor and more

Pictures from the Show:

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Steve Lilley's photos from the show